Transport Advisory Services

The range of services that we offer include, inter alia, the following:

• Provincial Land Transport


•  Current Public Transport(CPTR)


•  Operating Licensing Strategy(OLS)

•  Rationalization Plans(Rat Plan)

•  Public Transport Plan(PTP)

•  Integrated Transport Plans(ITP)

•  Formulation of Policies

•  Traffic Counting and Surveys

•  Traffic Calming

•  Public Transport Needs


•  Transport Policies and Legislation

•  Transport Master Plans

•  Public Participation/Facilitation

•  Project Management

•  Specialized Researches

Legal Drafting Services

DSA offers legal services over a wide range of issues, including the following:

• Drafting of legal agreements and


• Drafting of franchise agreements

• Drafting of legislation and by-laws

• Standard constitutions

• Codes of conduct

• Registration of Companies


We also provide assistance on:

• Feasibility studies for co-operatives

• Business Plans

• Establishment

• Training of Board members

• Training of Co-operative


• Skills Transfer

• Leadership Development

• Business Evaluation



Formulation of Control Systems

We also formulate the financial, administrative and management control systems and compliance with all the statutory policies and procedures in terms of the

prevailing policies and legislation such as the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), the National Treasury Regulations, Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), etc. The following are some of the control systems and procedures that we can put together for the clients:

• HR Policy

• Selection and Recruitment Policy

• Finance and Procurement Policies

• Asset Disposal Policy

• Business Conduct Policy

• Code of Conduct and Ethics

• Disciplinary Code and Procedures

• Performance Management Policy

• Telephone/Cell Phone Policy

• Public Private Partnership Policy

Fleet Management and Supply and Delivery of Vehicles and Equipment

DSA has recently added Fleet Management and/or supply and delivery vehicles and equipment to clients, especially of the government (on Full Maintenance Lease or Operating Lease) as one of its competencies.

Some of our team members have also acquired extensive experience with regards to Full Maintenance Lease (FML) related projects in general